Welcome to Kuro-Tejina's R.O.S.E. Compendium
Welcome to Kuro-Tejina's R.O.S.E. Quest Guide
Quest Giver Quest Name Step Condition Rewards Text Action Target
Union Quests:
Junon Order Quests
Shannon's Medical Treatment
Gorthein's Hidden Talent
Necessity of a New Shrine (1)
Propagation Risking Danger
Necessity of a New Shrine (2)
In Readiness for War
The Arumics' Request
New Shrine in the Far Corners
Oscar Patrick's Request
Eliminate the Sikuku Spearmen
Pollen Information Research
Mini-Warbiz Infestation
Righteous Crusaders Quests
Violence by Porkies
Moldie's Strange Behavior
Supplying Training Weapons
Lawless Porkie Hooligans
Supplying Training Gloves
Majesty of the Righteous Crusaders
Righteous Crusaders in Preparation
Violence by Warbiz
Improved Weapon Research
Poison Weaver Research Project
Supplying Weaponry
Arumic Quests
Unexpectedly Useful Porkie Spines
Coal Mine Moldies under Arumic Watch
Grunter's Mysterious Strength
Lutis, Guard of Luxem Tower
Plant Extract: Magic Fundamental
Magic Weapon Production
Weak Mana Waves from Luna
Extraction of Pincer Claws
Web Research Project
Pollen Information Research
Sikuku Ruins Delivery
Ferrel Guild Quests
It Might be Worth More Later
Stockpiling High Quality Coal
Ferrell Guild Lounge Construction
Charrs' Elaborate Market Price Analysis Table
Arms Distribution Effort
Reassuring Support
New Recovery Potion
Stop the Spearmen Threat
Improved Clothing Research
Stockpiling High Quality Pollen
Supplying the Expedition