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  Unprocessed Metal
Rare Metal
  Price: 1100
  Weight: 1
  Quality: 28
  Demon Metal
Rare Metal
  Price: 1160
  Weight: 2
  Quality: 30
  Wolf Steel
Rare Metal
  Price: 1280
  Weight: 2
  Quality: 32
Rare Metal
  Price: 1430
  Weight: 2
  Quality: 34
Rare Metal
  Price: 1770
  Weight: 2
  Quality: 36
Rare Metal
  Price: 2180
  Weight: 2
  Quality: 38
Rare Metal
  Price: 2680
  Weight: 3
  Quality: 40
  Otherworldly Metal
Rare Metal
  Price: 2720
  Weight: 3
  Quality: 42
  Philosopher Stone
Rare Metal
  Price: 3450
  Weight: 4
  Quality: 44
Rare Metal
  Price: 4450
  Weight: 5
  Quality: 46
Rare Metal
  Price: 5696
  Weight: 1
  Quality: 48
Unprocessed Metal
Classification: Rare Metal
A metal that doesn't seem to really be metal. It's soft when you touch it.
Trade Restrictions ::
No Restrictions
Crafting Recipe:
Not Craftable
Item not breakable
This item is used for crafting the following items:
Durable Boots: 7 Unprocessed Metal required
Lord Black Sun Sword: 33 Unprocessed Metal required
Great Sword: 67 Unprocessed Metal required
Giant Sword: 81 Unprocessed Metal required
Forest Hammer: 36 Unprocessed Metal required
Labor Hammer: 42 Unprocessed Metal required
Bloody Axe: 26 Unprocessed Metal required
Collapse Axe: 30 Unprocessed Metal required
Dagan Spear: 46 Unprocessed Metal required
Brave Gun: 50 Unprocessed Metal required
Bastard Gun: 59 Unprocessed Metal required
Mana Cannon: 82 Unprocessed Metal required
Ferrell Cannon: 93 Unprocessed Metal required
Fenrir's Tooth: 31 Unprocessed Metal required
Phantasma Knuckle: 37 Unprocessed Metal required
Ice & Flare Swords: 12 Unprocessed Metal required
Dual Flare Swords: 15 Unprocessed Metal required
Plate Shield: 4 Unprocessed Metal required
Wooden Carbon Frame: 30 Unprocessed Metal required
Explosive: 1 Generic Rare Metal required
Flash Explosive: 1 Generic Rare Metal required
Acid Explosive: 2 Generic Rare Metal required
Mana Explosive: 2 Generic Rare Metal required
High Explosive: 3 Generic Rare Metal required
Flash High Explosive: 3 Generic Rare Metal required
Acid High Explosive: 4 Generic Rare Metal required
Mana High Explosive: 4 Generic Rare Metal required
Concussion Explosive: 5 Generic Rare Metal required

Drops from the following:
Forgotten Temple (B2) Map Drop

Also available from the following:
Durable Boots Disassembly
Lord Black Sun Sword Disassembly
Great Sword Disassembly
Giant Sword Disassembly
Forest Hammer Disassembly
Labor Hammer Disassembly
Bloody Axe Disassembly
Collapse Axe Disassembly
Dagan Spear Disassembly
Brave Gun Disassembly
Bastard Gun Disassembly
Mana Cannon Disassembly
Ferrell Cannon Disassembly
Fenrir's Tooth Disassembly
Phantasma Knuckle Disassembly
Ice & Flare Swords Disassembly
Dual Flare Swords Disassembly
Plate Shield Disassembly
Box of Metal Gift Box
Reinforced Durable Boots Disassembly
Endowed Durable Boots Disassembly
Darkened Lord Black Sun Sword Disassembly
Hardened Lord Black Sun Sword Disassembly
Balanced Lord Black Sun Sword Disassembly
Enchanted Lord Black Sun Sword Disassembly
Darkened Great Sword Disassembly
Hardened Great Sword Disassembly
Balanced Great Sword Disassembly
Enchanted Great Sword Disassembly
Darkened Giant Sword Disassembly
Hardened Giant Sword Disassembly
Balanced Giant Sword Disassembly
Enchanted Giant Sword Disassembly
Darkened Ice & Flare Swords Disassembly
Hardened Ice & Flare Swords Disassembly
Balanced Ice & Flare Swords Disassembly
Enchanted Ice & Flare Swords Disassembly
Darkened Dual Flare Swords Disassembly
Hardened Dual Flare Swords Disassembly
Balanced Dual Flare Swords Disassembly
Enchanted Dual Flare Swords Disassembly
Darkened Forest Hammer Disassembly
Hardened Forest Hammer Disassembly
Balanced Forest Hammer Disassembly
Enchanted Forest Hammer Disassembly
Darkened Labor Hammer Disassembly
Hardened Labor Hammer Disassembly
Balanced Labor Hammer Disassembly
Enchanted Labor Hammer Disassembly
Darkened Bloody Axe Disassembly
Hardened Bloody Axe Disassembly
Balanced Bloody Axe Disassembly
Enchanted Bloody Axe Disassembly
Darkened Collapse Axe Disassembly
Hardened Collapse Axe Disassembly
Balanced Collapse Axe Disassembly
Enchanted Collapse Axe Disassembly
Darkened Dagan Spear Disassembly
Hardened Dagan Spear Disassembly
Balanced Dagan Spear Disassembly
Enchanted Dagan Spear Disassembly
Darkened Fenrir's Tooth Disassembly
Hardened Fenrir's Tooth Disassembly
Balanced Fenrir's Tooth Disassembly
Enchanted Fenrir's Tooth Disassembly
Darkened Phantasma Knuckle Disassembly
Hardened Phantasma Knuckle Disassembly
Balanced Phantasma Knuckle Disassembly
Enchanted Phantasma Knuckle Disassembly
Darkened Brave Gun Disassembly
Hardened Brave Gun Disassembly
Balanced Brave Gun Disassembly
Enchanted Brave Gun Disassembly
Darkened Bastard Gun Disassembly
Hardened Bastard Gun Disassembly
Balanced Bastard Gun Disassembly
Enchanted Bastard Gun Disassembly
Darkened Mana Cannon Disassembly
Hardened Mana Cannon Disassembly
Balanced Mana Cannon Disassembly
Enchanted Mana Cannon Disassembly
Darkened Ferrell Cannon Disassembly
Hardened Ferrell Cannon Disassembly
Balanced Ferrell Cannon Disassembly
Enchanted Ferrell Cannon Disassembly