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  Rusted Iron
  Price: 100
  Weight: 1
  Quality: 28
  Price: 140
  Weight: 1
  Quality: 30
  Price: 180
  Weight: 1
  Quality: 32
  Price: 220
  Weight: 1
  Quality: 34
  Price: 280
  Weight: 1
  Quality: 36
  Silver Iron
  Price: 350
  Weight: 1
  Quality: 38
  Price: 460
  Weight: 2
  Quality: 40
  Price: 600
  Weight: 2
  Quality: 42
  Price: 750
  Weight: 2
  Quality: 44
  Price: 970
  Weight: 3
  Quality: 46
Rusted Iron
Classification: Metal
Iron covered in corroded rust. Touching it makes you feel icky.
Trade Restrictions ::
No Restrictions
Crafting Recipe:
Not Craftable
Item not breakable
This item is used for crafting the following items:
Khukuri: 10 Rusted Iron required
Long Sword: 14 Rusted Iron required
Sword of Hardship: 26 Rusted Iron required
Buffoon Mace: 12 Rusted Iron required
Ogre Mace: 16 Rusted Iron required
Nail Hatchet: 8 Rusted Iron required
Small Axe: 12 Rusted Iron required
Round Spear: 15 Rusted Iron required
Air Gun: 16 Rusted Iron required
Gloria Gun: 22 Rusted Iron required
Wooden Launcher: 64 Rusted Iron required
Sword Knuckle: 12 Rusted Iron required
Katar: 16 Rusted Iron required
Hand Grenade: 1 Generic Metal required
Flash Grenade: 1 Generic Metal required
Acid Grenade: 2 Generic Metal required
Mana Grenade: 2 Generic Metal required
Hand Bomb: 2 Generic Metal required
Flash Bomb: 2 Generic Metal required
Acid Bomb: 3 Generic Metal required
Mana Bomb: 3 Generic Metal required
Concussion Grenade: 3 Generic Metal required

This item does not drop:

Also available from the following:
Khukuri Disassembly
Long Sword Disassembly
Sword of Hardship Disassembly
Buffoon Mace Disassembly
Ogre Mace Disassembly
Nail Hatchet Disassembly
Small Axe Disassembly
Round Spear Disassembly
Air Gun Disassembly
Gloria Gun Disassembly
Wooden Launcher Disassembly
Sword Knuckle Disassembly
Katar Disassembly
Darkened Khukuri Disassembly
Hardened Khukuri Disassembly
Balanced Khukuri Disassembly
Enchanted Khukuri Disassembly
Darkened Long Sword Disassembly
Hardened Long Sword Disassembly
Balanced Long Sword Disassembly
Enchanted Long Sword Disassembly
Darkened Sword of Hardship Disassembly
Hardened Sword of Hardship Disassembly
Balanced Sword of Hardship Disassembly
Enchanted Sword of Hardship Disassembly
Darkened Buffoon Mace Disassembly
Hardened Buffoon Mace Disassembly
Balanced Buffoon Mace Disassembly
Enchanted Buffoon Mace Disassembly
Darkened Ogre Mace Disassembly
Hardened Ogre Mace Disassembly
Balanced Ogre Mace Disassembly
Enchanted Ogre Mace Disassembly
Darkened Nail Hatchet Disassembly
Hardened Nail Hatchet Disassembly
Balanced Nail Hatchet Disassembly
Enchanted Nail Hatchet Disassembly
Darkened Small Axe Disassembly
Hardened Small Axe Disassembly
Balanced Small Axe Disassembly
Enchanted Small Axe Disassembly
Darkened Round Spear Disassembly
Hardened Round Spear Disassembly
Balanced Round Spear Disassembly
Enchanted Round Spear Disassembly
Darkened Sword Knuckle Disassembly
Hardened Sword Knuckle Disassembly
Balanced Sword Knuckle Disassembly
Enchanted Sword Knuckle Disassembly
Darkened Katar Disassembly
Hardened Katar Disassembly
Balanced Katar Disassembly
Enchanted Katar Disassembly
Darkened Air Gun Disassembly
Hardened Air Gun Disassembly
Balanced Air Gun Disassembly
Enchanted Air Gun Disassembly
Darkened Gloria Gun Disassembly
Hardened Gloria Gun Disassembly
Balanced Gloria Gun Disassembly
Enchanted Gloria Gun Disassembly
Darkened Wooden Launcher Disassembly
Hardened Wooden Launcher Disassembly
Balanced Wooden Launcher Disassembly
Enchanted Wooden Launcher Disassembly