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  Rubber Sap
  Price: 395
  Weight: 1
  Quality: 35
Rubber Sap
Classification: Material
Rubber sap that has been extracted from trees.
Trade Restrictions ::
No Restrictions
Crafting Recipe:
Not Craftable
Item not breakable
This item is used for crafting the following items:
Totem Mask: 2 Rubber Sap required
Pierrot Nose: 2 Rubber Sap required
Pinocchio Nose : 2 Rubber Sap required
Sword Saint Backshield: 10 Rubber Sap required
Wooden Backseat: 10 Rubber Sap required

Drops from the following:
Canyon City of Zant Map Drop
City of Junon Polis Map Drop
Breezy Hills Map Drop
El Verloon Desert Map Drop
Anima Lake Map Drop
Forest of Wisdom Map Drop
Desert of the Dead Map Drop
Arumic Valley Map Drop
Mt. Eucar Map Drop

Also available from the following:
Totem Mask Disassembly
Pierrot Nose Disassembly
Pinocchio Nose Disassembly
Sword Saint Backshield Disassembly