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  Price: 265
  Weight: 3
  Quality: 30
  Orlesian Sand
  Price: 0
  Weight: 1
  Quality: 35
Classification: Material
A thin and transparent object in the shape of a disk.
Trade Restrictions ::
No Restrictions
Crafting Recipe:
Not Craftable
Item not breakable
This item is used for crafting the following items:
Islamic Bandana: 1 Lesian required
Yellow Wild Jeans: 1 Lesian required
Safe Gloves: 1 Lesian required
Action Gloves: 1 Lesian required
Full Action Gloves: 1 Lesian required
Gray Gloves: 1 Lesian required
Hill Gray Gloves: 1 Lesian required
Gloves of Iguje: 1 Lesian required
Islamic Gloves: 1 Lesian required
Venetian Gloves: 1 Lesian required
Dash Shoes: 1 Lesian required
Buckler: 1 Lesian required
Aspis: 1 Lesian required
Mythical Flute: 1 Lesian required
Elven Anthology: 1 Lesian required

Drops from the following:
Canyon City of Zant Map Drop
City of Junon Polis Map Drop
Valley of Luxem Tower Map Drop
Adventurer's Plains Map Drop
Breezy Hills Map Drop
El Verloon Desert Map Drop
Anima Lake Map Drop

Also available from the following:
Islamic Bandana Disassembly
Yellow Wild Jeans Disassembly
Safe Gloves Disassembly
Action Gloves Disassembly
Full Action Gloves Disassembly
Gray Gloves Disassembly
Hill Gray Gloves Disassembly
Gloves of Iguje Disassembly
Islamic Gloves Disassembly
Venetian Gloves Disassembly
Dash Shoes Disassembly
Buckler Disassembly
Aspis Disassembly
Mythical Flute Disassembly
Elven Anthology Disassembly