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  Animal Leg Bone
  Price: 280
  Weight: 2
  Quality: 27
Animal Leg Bone
Classification: Bone
A sturdy bone taken from an animal's leg that looks like it could be used as a weapon.
Trade Restrictions ::
No Restrictions
Crafting Recipe:
Not Craftable
Item not breakable
This item is used for crafting the following items:
Bone Arrow Dispenser: 5 Animal Leg Bone required

Drops from the following:
Adventurer's Plains Map Drop
Forest of Wisdom Map Drop
Desert of the Dead Map Drop
Goblin Cave (B3) Map Drop
Oblivion Temple (B3) Map Drop
Magic City of the Eucar Map Drop
Arumic Valley Map Drop
Crystal Snowfields Map Drop
Freezing Plateau Map Drop
Xita Refuge Map Drop
Shady Jungle Map Drop
Marsh of Ghost Map Drop
Sikuku Underground Prison Map Drop
Sikuku Ruins Map Drop