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  Ancient Copper Coin
  Price: 190
  Weight: 1
  Quality: 20
Ancient Copper Coin
Classification: Material
Ancient coin made of copper.
Trade Restrictions ::
No Restrictions
Crafting Recipe:
Not Craftable
Item not breakable
This item is not used in any crafting recipes:

Drops from the following:
Canyon City of Zant Map Drop
City of Junon Polis Map Drop
Valley of Luxem Tower Map Drop
Adventurer's Plains Map Drop
Breezy Hills Map Drop
El Verloon Desert Map Drop
Anima Lake Map Drop
Forest of Wisdom Map Drop
Kenji Beach Map Drop
Gorge of Silence Map Drop
Goblin Cave (B1) Map Drop
Goblin Cave (B2) Map Drop
Goblin Cave (B3) Map Drop
Magic City of the Eucar Map Drop
Crystal Snowfields Map Drop
Freezing Plateau Map Drop
Forgotten Temple (B1) Map Drop
Mt. Eucar Map Drop