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  Stone Golem  
level: 88
  Attack Power: 367
  Defense: 1111
  HP: 4928
  Exp: 10180
  Accuracy: 761
  Dodge: 97
  Magic Def: 38
  Attack type: normal
Stone Golem
Monster Type: Guard
Spawns in these locations:
Gorge of Silence
Data represents the official NA ROSE drop list for this monster as of V368.
Stone Golem drops the following items:
Disclaimer: Drop chances listed below are my own interpretation and do not represent an official statement from Gravity
  Zuly Drop Chance 0 %
  Item Drop Chance 30 %
  Map Drops 70 %
  Gorge of Silence
  MP Point (+300)  [Uncommon]
  Steel  [Uncommon]
  Metil  [Uncommon]
  Silver Thread  [Uncommon]
  Animal Backbone  [Uncommon]
  Low Essence  [Uncommon]
  Nymph Essence  [Common]
  Thick Iron Piece  [Uncommon]
  Ink  [Uncommon]
  Dirty Rune Stone  [Uncommon]
  Dirty Stone  [Uncommon]