Welcome to Kuro-Tejina's R.O.S.E. Compendium
Welcome to Kuro-Tejina's R.O.S.E. Online Compendium:
  Hi!! I'm Arua's Fairy. I'm subcontracting to Kuro-Tejina for a while to help with this wonderful R.O.S.E. Information site. PurpleYouko has asked me to let you know about all the exciting stuff you can do here.
So Here are some of the features that you can expect to find within the site.

 Crafting recipes. What do you need to craft that item you always wanted? (Complete listing)
 Items lists. Current to NA Rose Version 334
 Disassembly lists. What happens when you disassemble an item? (complete listing)
 Monster lists. (Now completed but awaiting some images)
 Drops. OFFICIAL NA-ROSE Drops lists for V334. Find drops either from the monster or items lists
 Spawn Maps. Includes spawn data for all monster on all maps
 Quest Guides. (beta version)
 Skills. Now features All Class skills at all levels.)
 Buyer and Seller guides for all the major items (accessed from the items tables)
 And so much more.
Navigation in our site is designed to be as much like the real game as possible. Just hover your mouse over any of the icons in one of our tool bars or item lists and you will see a popup box containing information about that link or item. Click the icon to switch the display to show more information on your selection